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Go Paperless!

Mid Valley Disposal now has the option of electronic statements available. These statements will be sent directly to your email, instead of a physical copy being sent to your billing address. Go green today and sign up for electronic statements by clicking the link on our home page.

Here are some benefits to going paperless with your statements:

1. Less Space & Savings

Going paperless means less bulky filing cabinets and lesser costs in paying for storage.

2.  Convenience

Not only will it be easier to search for archives when they're digital, but doing data entry work in the future is far more efficient and faster.

3.  Eco-Friendly

It takes a day to cut down a single tree, but years to grow it.  By saying no to paper, you help put an end in the vicious cycle of tree cutting.  Small actions can make a huge difference in helping conserve what’s left of our forests out there.

Last Updated Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 03:06 PM.